Dr. Amir Hamidi

Dr. Amir Hamidi

Served as Chairman of the Board of Falcon Global Strategies, where he specialized in cyber-security, the application of information sharing and information security solutions for government agencies and law enforcement professionals.

Dr. Hamidi is a certified Human Rights Consultant at the US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights, Washington, D.C.


Resident Special Agent in Charge


Dr. Hamidi managed and directed criminal investigation and supported the prosecution of a broad range of both domestic and international crimes. The majority of his experience primarily involved the investigation of complex criminal unilateral U.S., and bilateral international investigations. Dr. Hamidi has consistently represented US DOJ DEA domestically and internationally.

Chief Executive Officer at Threat Deterrence


By incorporating a nine-point disruption strategy Threat Deterrence, through Intelligence Led Protection (ILP) brings threat deterrence to a whole new level. ILP provides end-to-end threat mitigation strategies that are seamless and completely integrated into the customer’s threat environment, often with much greater cost inefficiencies than existing capabilities based approaches.

Chairman of the Board


Dr. Hamidi served as the Chairman of the Board, Falcon Global Strategies, which specialized in cyber-security, global intelligence, and strategic development for all international security and training programs related to homeland security and law enforcement, aviation, and maritime industries. He is an internationally recognized expert in international terrorism.



Dr. Munr Kazmir

“I write about politics and personal stories a lot, but today I want to tell you about somebody who makes an enormous positive impact in the world: A doctor who really makes a difference…”

He is a seasoned international strategist and public policy advisor who has been engaged by financial and government institutions domestically and internationally and is widely regarded as a visionary on the strategic impacts of information.


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Dr. Amir Hamidi

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